Friday, January 08, 2010

New Design Project: Barefoot Mommies

Barefoot MommiesI recently had the opportunity to work with Barefoot Mommies on a new look for their blog. I had so much fun working on this "beachy" theme, especially since it's so stinking cold outside right now!

Here's a little information about Barefoot Mommies:
Here at Barefoot Mommies we pride ourselves on a unique outlook of Family Friendly Products geared towards moms and children. We know that the more you promote, the more word gets around. And that’s what we do best!

Stop by and check them out their new look today. And, yes, I know they have a wordpress blog. I know that I state on my website that I only offer services to those with Blogger, but I'm thinking about changing that.

What do you think? (About the design, about also offering wordpress services... about anything!)

1 comment:

  1. I really love this blog
    When I look at the feet, it reminds me of my new "Favored Feet" gift set I just launched :)