Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Want to Build a Better Blog?

Simply Stacie is having a "Build a Better Blog" week - and guess what? I'm a sponsor!

Click this link to see the full list of sponsors for the event and get some ideas of what you want to try to win!

Join Simply Stacie and Kelly's Lucky You May 24th - 31st for the chance to build a better blog for yourself!

Hope to see you there!

1 comment:

  1. I cannot wait for "Build a Better Blog" week to start!!! I found you because I was looking at some of the sponsor links. (Yes, it is almost 5:00 AM here. I am a nut!) I was pleased to discover the Super Mom site, since I am a Christian blogger. I started blogging late last year and have two blogs, one for homeschool and one for frugal living. In fact, today (the 18th) is my 6-month blogiversary for the frugal living blog. Woot! :o) I've been looking for economical choices for blog buttons/banners and you have the BEST prices I've ever seen. YAY! In the very likely event that I don't win anything during "Build a Better Blog", I'll be contacting you. :o)